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Hilary on Grant
“After four years on BBC1’s “That’s Life!” Grant Baynham became a household name. He is a formidable songwriter and has an energy and enthusiasm which create a high-powered performance of material from virtually every genre you can imagine. He’s also one of the funniest people I have ever met. Is it possible to be formidable and hilarious at the same    
“Hilary has one of the most staggering voices in British acoustic music. Most folk fans will know it well from her work with top trio Artisan. If you haven’t yet heard her live, then the CDs will be, firstly, a quite-possibly-life-changing treat and, secondly, a demonstration of her breath-taking range of tone and mood. And now I get to play and      
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“Our guests from England were ‘QuickSilver’, an incredibly talented duo with rollicking performance and dramatic voices who really put on a show. The audience continued applauding so loudly at the conclusion that I could barely get the show off the air. What a vivacious duo.”
Rich Warren, presenter, Midnight Special, Radio WFMT-FM Chicago IL

“Comic song touched with gold”
Ned Sherrin, producer, presenter, BBC TV

“An extremely talented and versatile acoustic duo. . .a true marvel of entertainment. . .Fantabulous!”
Grant on Hilary
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To contact QuickSilver email 0r telephone 0114 2830531
We are delighted to announce that clubs and venues in Wales can book QuickSilver through the Night Out scheme offered by the Arts Council Wales.
“Michael On The Moor” words and music by Grant Baynham
“Matthew Sound” words and music by Grant Baynham
“Just found the web site for the duo everyone was talking about - not folk, more comedy but hilarious fun and both very talented... I will be buying a CD or maybe two! LOL!”                                                                                               
“Loved it all. You had the audience gripped so hard that even if they needed to they could not
Audience members Moira Furnace Folk Festival UK

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Available now Two-disc CD set

QuickSilver LIVE at WFMT  Radio Chicago

Disc 1. 30 minute concert in front of an invited audience

Disc 2. 60 minute live radio broadcast

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